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Fashionable People and Fashion Week


Anna Dello Russo, fashion director, Vogue Japan
Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty

Ya es un no parar de pasarelas internacionales y conocer nuevas tendencias que aparecen en los blogs a diario, pero yo quiero mostraros hoy un aspecto que me ha parecido muy interesante: cómo las editoras, bloggers, fotógrafas, se preparan para esas jornadas maratonianas de front row y más. Son citas textuales así que quienes no os manejéis en inglés, haced uso del traductor que hay en el top de este blog, please. Y empezamos con Anna Dello Russo.

"I prepare the looks and the luggage at the end of October. I already chose the best coats, and I saved for Fashion Week. I have a Balenciaga, really bright purple. Then I have an orange floral coat by Prada, and a really intense green velvet coat by Tom Ford. Not black. Anything but black! What I packed is many coats, boots, a clutch, and some evening party dresses – really short. Then I will bring some hats because New York is a really open-minded city. They say, 'Oh that’s a good look!' They encourage. I went to India at Christmastime to prepare my body with yoga, swim, sunshine, also meditation and Ayurvedic massage. I like so much to be well done, you know, all perfect. I like now kind of red-orange chinois for the nails. And then I keep a little tan on my legs, because when I go to shows I don’t wear socks. I do body makeup."

Hanneli Mustaparta, blogger, photographer, and
Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty

"It’s like when people are like, 'Oh! I have to prepare for my wedding.' No! Take care of yourself all the time and you’ll be happy all the time. I went to Great Jones Spa last week – I didn’t have Fashion Week in mind, but it’s probably good! Because it’s winter, I have a moisture mask from Chanel, which is amazing. I sleep with it – the Essential Regenerating Mask.

I have to remember to buy hand-warmers, the ones you can rub and put in your socks or gloves. Standing outside just waiting to shoot a specific editor you can get so cold!

I bought one more of pair of flat shoes because I have too many heels. I only have my Prada brogues, and I was thinking I would like to mix it up. So I bought a pair of black loafers from Burberry. I couldn’t plan every outfit. I like to do it on-the-go; that’s when the magic happens."


Emily Weiss, founder/editor, Into The Gloss
Photo: CHANCE YEH/Patrick McMullan

"I love getting a facial at Isabel Bellis. Her fingers fly over your face for two hours, with layer upon layer of concoctions. Every time I go she turns me on to something else, like a shaman or something. Last time she gave me Joelle Ciocco Pure Concentrated Serum with botanical oils, and told me that’s good if you’re tired or traveling. I’ve also been using Clark’s Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask. It smells like jasmine. I’ve been putting that on before bed, and you wake up sort of glow-y.

I stock up on Almay Oil-free Makeup Eraser Sticks, which are good if your mascara flecks off under your eye or something. Those are so genius.

I probably should plan looks ahead of time, but I don’t. I have skinny jeans from rag and bone in black and burgundy. Maybe I’ll buy a new color. I have a really nice black fox-fur vest from Derek Lam I’m hoping to wear. It was too warm last season in Paris when I got it."


¿Qué os parece? Alguna se pasa ¿o no?

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Ola dijo...

Russo is not my favourite but the lady on the second picture is really good looking!

Only a woman dijo...

Genail port Pilar, eso si a la Dello Ruso se la ha ido la olla en esta ocasión parece que va de despedida de soltera ;)

Yolanda dijo...

El look que mas me ha gustado ha sido el de Hanneli Mustaparta, esta genial!! En mi blog tienes un premio ;)


pato_l dijo...

mi comentario no se refiera a este post: sino al de los restos romanos en Sevilla; Q hermoso! es un hallazgo reciente? tampoco conozco las Setas; tengo que volver s Sevilla!!!!!!!ese dia estabas muy elegante: me encantó el bolso especialmente!!!!!! ya paso la ola siberiana? acá domingo muy soleado, saludos

Ramón de Mielina dijo...

Ésta es tu semana, mucho trabajo en las pasarelas!!!!

Nere dijo...

La verdad uqe alguna se pasa si!

Y gracias por estos post!

Hele dijo...

menudo supone que son gente super ocupada, cómo sacan el tiempo?