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Female talent in Giffoni Film Festival


GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 39th ANNUAL - 12/25 July 2009.
30 Feature films and 42 short films in competition, 73 film not competing and 25 special events with a Jury formed by 2800 youth from 3 to 21 years of age from 39 Countries and 150 Italian Cities. The 39th annual of the Giffoni Film Festival announces itself as one of the most amazing annuals of all times with a schedule full of events and stars and starts with a trick and sheer magic. By the way, Harry Potter had the privilege of opening the event last 12 July in spite of the film wouln´t hit the screens worldwide until 15 July.


Actress Eva Mendes at the Giffoni Experience on July 17 Italy. Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto. Getty Images


Actress Eva Mendes poses with the Giffoni Award during the 2009 Giffoni Experience in Giffoni, Vallepiana, near Salerno. Italy Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto. Getty Images.


Actress Naomi Watts signs a Giffoni poster during the 2009 Giffoni Experience on July 20 in Salerno, Italy. Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto. Getty Images.

Giffoni Experience comes first Woody Allen’s set. In fact, Naomi Watts is going directly to London to shoot Woody Allen’s new film "Annie Hall". She have been working for about three years with Michael Bay on "The Birds" by Hitchcock. Almost all Giffoni Experience young jurors would like to become actors or director, but Naomi as an Academy Award candidate for "21 grams", points out: "as all kids I wanted to become a doctor or a nurse, but since I was a child I have felt there was something within myself that urged me to think of becoming an actor in future. I used to see my mother on the stage and I figured out that I would have become an actress".


Naomi Watts and her husband, Liev Schreiber, attend a photocall during the 2009 Giffoni Experience on July 20 in Salerno, Italy. Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto. Getty Images

Christina Ricci + Winona Ryder next post...

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  1. Qué bonito el vestido de Eva Mendes, muy veraniego y fresquito

  2. Eva Mendes lleva un vestido lindo! Me encanta muchísimo!!!!
    Las sandalias también están más que lindas!

  3. Me gusta mucho Winona Ryder ^^ cuanto tiempo que me lie con la mudanza y con esta mala cabeza mia y no te tenia en mi lista :-( me encontraste tu jeje

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  4. ¡¡qué guapas, por Dios!!

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  5. Me gusta el estilo desenfadado de Eva Mendes, muy natural reflejando el verano. Un besito!!


  6. Hi there-great pictures, I love Evas dress!! Here is a link for charity shopping in London-wishing you a fabulous time my dear!!


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